Rtist's oils, watercolors and sculptures
Barn in Oil
BarnOil.jpg (10060 bytes)
Bamboo Sumi-e
Bamboo_Sumi-e.jpg (16061 bytes)
Bamboo2 Sumi-e
Bamboo2_Sumi-e.jpg (7580 bytes)
Beach in Oil
beach_Oil.JPG (34713 bytes)
Bust in Plaster
Bust_Plaster.jpg (7560 bytes)
Impression (computer generated)
impression.jpg (39022 bytes)
Letter in Oil
Letter_Oil.jpg (14548 bytes)
Lighthouse in Oil
Lighthouse_Oil.jpg (10547 bytes)
New Jersey in Oil
NewJersy_Oil.jpg (10561 bytes)
Spaghetti in Oil
Spagetti_Oil.jpg (8274 bytes)
Snow Mountains in Oil
Snowmtns_Oil.jpg (10746 bytes)
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